With Gov. DeSantis moving Florida into Phase III of reopening here is a quick breakdown of what it means:

* People over 65 and those with underlying health problems should continue to practice social distancing, but can resume public interaction

*Bars, pubs and night clubs that derive 50% of sales from alcohol can operate at full capacity with social distancing protocols

*The new order affects restaurants, pubs, and bars, however the governor pointed out that many of the other businesses in the state are already open.

Here is the latest of survival rates by associated with COVID 19:

 *0-19 - 99.997%

 *20-49 - 99.98%

 * 50-69 - 99.5%

 * 70+ - 94.6%

As we try to get back to some normalcy please continue to practice some basic safety precautions:

- Wash your hands frequently

- Cough or sneeze into your elbow

- Most important of all if you're not feeling well stay home!